Never thought in a million years I could be so in love with just 2 photos! Darren joined us on our walk through clowes woods yesterday to take some photos of our beloved fur babies. Because of the people we are my friend and I didn’t want anything staged- not that you could when it comes to photographing dogs but Darren was amazing, I remember at one point he was laying on the woodland floor trying to catch the ‘perfect’ moment and for me that says it all! I literally cannot thank him enough for all the effort and ease he brought to the shoot! Looking forward to seeing the finished products! Henry and I look forward to booking our next shoot with you! Keep up the fantastic work :)
— Abby Foster
We used Hollister Photography for our company staff profile shots. The service was excellent and included a professional studio set up in our own office including makeup.
The staff were delighted with the quality and brightness of the output photographs. I have no hesitation in recommending Darren and his team”
— Russ Timpson
Honestly, the idea of a photo shoot is not something I wouldn’t usually be comfortable with. Having to spend any amount of time having photos taken just doesn’t appeal to me (typical male I suppose). However, I knew my other half would appreciate it and so as a birthday present I asked Darren if he would do a “couple’s shoot” for us.
100% this was one of the best decisions I’ve made, in comparison to other presents I have previously bought (jewellery, holidays etc), she absolutely loved this. the shoot was a lot of fun and the finished products were of a truly stunning quality.
Darren has such a relaxed approach and he made the whole experience so much “less stressful”. I went in with the mind set of just getting it over and done with but to be totally honest it really wasn’t a hardship at all.
A great guy delivering an all round great service, would recommend to anyone who is thinking about doing it!
— Rob Watson
Darren was invited to my home to take some photographs of my son for his agency profile. Our son is 11 years old and is taking a leap into the unknown with acting. Darren was his first step with photo poses and shots. Darren was excellent! He was very relaxed and friendly with both ourselves and my son. As a result, we have got some excellent photographs in natural but very professional poses.
We also asked Darren to photograph our younger daughter and have a portrait of the whole family. Darren was extremely accommodating and allowed us to have the shots we eagerly desired.
Darren’s beautiful photographs were sent to us promptly and they are amazing! They have captured my children and indeed my whole family in a superb way with crisp and flattering detail.
— Keeley
I asked Darren to come to my Nan’s 70th Birthday Party to take some family photos. He has very laid back and accommodating and make everyone feel very relaxed without intruding on the party at all. The photos we received were fantastic quality and Darren did everything to make sure we were happy with the finished product. I would definitely recommend Darren and Hollister photography!
— Rebecca
Darren came to my 21st birthday party to take photos of my family and friends. I found Darren to have a friendly yet professional work ethic and made everyone he worked with feel relaxed. On receiving the finished photographs, I was impressed at the level of detail that Darren had gone to and the quality of the photos. I would recommend Darren and Hollister Photography to anyone.
— Megan
Thank you so much for the fabulous photos you generated for my birthday party. You were very professional making the guests feel at ease throughout the evening. Many commented that they didn’t realise you were there snapping away.. In doing this you were able to capture some natural and great moments that I would have otherwise missed. You have produces some amazing memories for me and my family to share and cherish for a long time to come. You are highly recommended.
— Karla